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Vodice Croatia



  • Internet
  • SAT TV
  • Air conditioning
  • Grill
  • Covered parking space
  • Washing machine
  • Dishwasher (A4 and A5)


  • center - 350m
  • sea - 400m
  • restaurant - 50m
  • shop - 120m
  • beach - 500 – 800m


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Vodice Croatia

Vodice Croatia

Famous tourist spot about ten kilometers away from Šibenik, an old stone city with a rich historical heritage. Ever since Roman times, people have lived in these areas.

Vodice have been named after a multitude of water springs nearby. Throughout history, the rulers have been frequently changed, so today we find defensive walls from the time of the Ottoman conquest, an old church from 15th century and the beautiful church of St. Cross from 1764 in the town center. Vodice are an ideal holiday destination where everyone can find something for themselves. In addition to the sun and the sea, vast sandy and rocky beaches, there are seaside promenades.  So that all generations could find fun in Vodice, there are discotheques, restaurants, children's play areas, as well as daily organized field trips to nearby places and natural beauties, such as Krka and Kornati national parks. If you want an active vacation, excess energy can be spent on various activities, such as sailing, diving, surfing, cycling, parachuting, and there is a great choice of sports fields.



Adriatic Sea stretches from northwest to southeast, spanning the area between the Balkan and Apennine peninsula, 783 km in length.

Croatian coastline is one of the most indented coastlines in the world, with 1185 islands, islets and reefs. In the coastal region, the climate is Mediterranean (with dry and warm summers and wet and mild winters). Summer temperatures range from 26 oC to 30 oC in the coastal region. With an average of 2,600 hours of sunshine per year, the Adriatic coastline is one of the sunniest in the Mediterranean, while the sea temperature in summer ranges from 25o to 27 oC. The most common winds are bora, the northeast wind that brings cold weather, mistral, which is the sign of fine weather and usually starts blowing about 11 o'clock and scirocco, moist wind blowing from the southeast.



Due to the beauty of their landscape, interesting geomorphology and indented coastline, Kornati have been proclaimed a national park in 1980.

Kornati National Park is a habitat of rare species, and have an abundance of specific natural and cultural features. The total square area of the park is about 220 km2 and it consists of 89 islands, islets and rocks. Only about ¼ of the square area of the park is land, while the rest comprises a marine ecosystem. Kornati is the right place and an unspoiled oasis for yachtsmen and all those who want to enjoy clear sea waters and pristine nature.

Krka is the seventh national park in Croatia, known for its many waterfalls and lakes. Flora and fauna in the Krka National Park are very rich and varied. It stretches over 142 square kilometers, 25.6 of which are bodies of water. Krka river today has seven travertine waterfalls and its beauty represents a natural karst phenomenon. Visits are recommended in spring and summer, since those are the times when it shines in all its glory, and you can find refreshment in the clean water. On the way from Vodice to Zadar, you will see a natural phenomenon – Vrana Lake. Vrana Lake is the largest natural lake in Croatia.

The park has so far registered about 235 bird species, 102 of which are nesting birds (mainly wading birds), while the rest use the lake as a resting point during migration or a wintering area. An ornithological reserve has been proclaimed in 1983 and belongs to the most valuable ornithological areas in Croatia. It is located in the northwestern part of the lake and occupies an area of 8.83 km2. The area of the reserve is only a part of what's left of a much larger marshland area, which has been almost completely drained during the 18th century by digging up canals. The reserve is one of the most important parts of the Vrana Lake Nature Park, since precisely in the area of the reserve is the highest concentration of birds. Beside the abundance of flora and fauna, especially birds, there are numerous remains of cultural and historical heritage in the park. Vrana Lake Nature Park offers many forms of tourism, recreation and education. One of the most popular activities is fishing. 

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